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Taft-Hartley Plan Administration

Defined Contribution

PATH Administrators provide Defined Contribution (Annuity) plan administration which include the following services:

  • Plan record keeping and administration
  • Plan document and amendment preparation
  • Application and inquiry processing
  • Production of benefit checks and FTEs
  • Tax filings
  • Other government required notices and reports
  • Annual reports of individual and group statistics
  • Assistance preparing plan documents, amendments, and summary plan descriptions
  • Plan design consultation
  • Detailed work history with contribution reporting
  • Annual benefit statements
  • PATH Administrators supports a broad range of withdrawal services including trust-to-trust transfers, participant loans, and hardship withdrawals
  • Discrimination testing
  • 100% quality review of all annuity transactions
  • Age 70 1/2 search
  • Plan compliance services
  • Preparation of Form 5500 filings
  • Retirement counseling
  • Computation and preparation of retirement options
  • Retirement benefit payment services
  • Participant 1099R tax form generation and IRS Filing
  • Hardship Administration
  • Participant loan processing